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Repave Walla Walla

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We're Paving for Pizza

After surveying people nationwide last year about the condition of their streets, Domino's Pizza chose Walla Walla as the recipient of its Paving for Pizza award in Washington. The reward: $5,000 to spend on asphalt for road repair. 

We selected five streets for which the $5,000 could make a real difference, and we invited you to vote for your favorite. The winner was Highland Road. We repaved this section of roadway on June 20, 2019, and then repaved the damaged section to the west, using City funds to purchase materials. 

We invite you to take a look at the information we've included on this page for more information about street repair. If you've ever found yourself asking something like, "Why doesn't the City fix my street?" or "Does the Public Works Department care about the condition of the roads at all?" you should be able to find an answer to your question.

Thanks for helping us decide which road to fix up; we appreciate your input!

Everything you wanted to know about street repair

Road projects

City Engineer Neal Chavre explains how the City decides which streets to improve, and where we get the funds to perform this work. Read about it here.

Curious about why some of Walla Walla's streets are in the condition they are? Wonder why the City doesn't just bump up the money it spends on road work? We discuss this and more in the FAQ below. (Click on the questions to expand or contract the answers.)

What does $5,000 worth of asphalt get us?
How long will this band-aid last?
Why are some of Walla Walla’s streets in such poor shape?
Where can cities get money for street maintenance?
What funds does the City currently have to fix roads?
Where do the funds in the City's Streets budget come from?
Highland Road is really bad; why doesn't the City just fix it?
What would it cost to fix Highland Road?
Could the city pursue a grant to fund the fix?
What other options does the city have to fix Highland Road?
Do Walla Walla's roads really have more craters than the moon?

Where should the City spend the $5,000 from Domino's Pizza?

A crew from the Street Division checked out the roads we've heard the most comments about. We decided on five sections of roadway that could be largely repaired with $5,000 worth of asphalt. 


  • Rees Avenue, from Fourth Avenue to Sixth Avenue: Grind/remove/pave westbound lane. (The rest of this area will be completed as an internal street project.)
  • Highland Road, from Ping Street to Lancer Drive: Pre-level and overlay approximately 200 feet of roadway shoulder to shoulder.
  • Home Avenue, from City limits just north of Bryant Avenue to Chestnut Drive: Shoulder-to-shoulder repair/paving.
  • Sturm Avenue, from Shelton Road to Studebaker Drive: Repair/pave shoulder to shoulder.
  • School Avenue, from Pleasant Street to Loubeck Street: Grind/repair/pave southbound side.

After two and a half weeks of voting, area residents selected Highland Road as the roadway most in need of repair. We performed the repaving work from June 18-20.

Final paving vote

Learn more

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