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Our sidewalks are in trouble.

Homeowners should not have to foot the bill for repairs. Nor should people be injured on failing sidewalks. Insurance claims are not a good use of your tax money. We think a small sales tax paid only by home sellers is a fair way to share this community responsibility of improving sidewalks.

State legislators will soon be weighing whether to give rural Washington cities, including Walla Walla, the right to fund street and sidewalk improvements with a 0.25% tax on home sales. Our sidewalks need to be fixed, repairs should be a City responsibility, and Walla Walla deserves the same tools to fund these repairs that West side cities automatically have. It's only fair.

Proposed funding solutions and why they won't work

Last year, a Realtors® group suggested six ways the City of Walla Walla could potentially pay for sidewalk repairs and construction citywide. City staff reviewed the proposed funding sources, and found none would be suitable for a project as costly, long-lasting, and subject-specific as fixing Walla Walla's sidewalks. Read why below.

Existing City of Walla Walla funding sources
Parking and business improvement district
State capital budget
Transportation Improvement Board
Use of increased REET 1 revenue
WSDOT funding

Sidewalks increase home values

  • 86% say that sidewalks are a positive factor when buying a home – National Association of Realtors®

  • A house with a 5 foot-wide sidewalk and two street trees sells for $4,000 to $34,000 more – and in less time – than a similar house – AARP

  • 80% say that walkability is important in deciding where to live – National Association of Realtors®

  • A 1-point increase in a community’s Walk Score could increase home values by $700 to $3,000 – CEOs for Cities


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How bad are Walla Walla sidewalks?

  • Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?

  • What if someone gets hurt on a broken sidewalk?

  • What about neighborhoods where there are no sidewalks?

  • What is real estate excise tax (REET)?

  • How much would I pay?

  • What is the Growth Management Act?

  • How is the City of Walla Walla allowed to spend real estate excise tax (REET)?

  • Could the City decide to spend REET 2 funds on something other than sidewalks?

  • So, we need to fix sidewalks. What now?

  • How do I support this plan?

Sidewalk condition rating map

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