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WWPD Training, Policies, and Community Response

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After the horrific in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, communities throughout the United states are asking reasonable and understandable questions of their local police departments.  Just like our community wants, the Walla Walla Police Department wants to make sure a tragedy like Mr. Floyd’s death will not occur here.

One of the police reform movements that has garnered a great deal of attention is #8cantwait. The following is an effort to let our community know how the Walla Walla Police Department measures up to the #8cantwait reforms requested, as well as some other overall information about the department.
Is WWPD a State Accredited Agency?
What is the hiring process for becoming a police officer at the WWPD
Does WWPD's Use of Force policy allow for chokeholds and strangleholds?
Does WWPD’s Use of Force policy ban shooting a firearm at moving vehicles?
Does WWPD’s Use of Force policy require a warning before shooting?
Does WWPD have a policy requiring officers to intervene?
Does WWPD's Use of Force policy require a “use of force continuum?”
Does WWPD require de-escalation training?
Do WWPD Officers wear body cameras?
Does WWPD require comprehensive reporting for Use of Force Incidents?
Does WWPD require officers to exhaust all alternatives before shooting?
What is WWPD's Use of Force policy?