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Welcome to the City of Walla Walla’s GIS Division!

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information Systems, which combines geography, information and technology – producing an extremely powerful tool. With GIS, it is possible to quickly and efficiently calculate information, report information and of course, map information.

What is GIS?

Think of GIS as a tool to simulate and dissect our environment, such as a city. What makes up a city? Streets, parks, sidewalks, trees, buildings, shops…the list goes on and on. With GIS, we map these features as individual “systems”, allowing us to analyze, simulate and understand problems or situations with detail. This makes GIS a very powerful tool for your local government workforce – providing information as efficiently and precisely as possible.

GIS and the Community

Why does the City of Walla Walla invest in GIS technology? GIS originally started in the Public Works Department and primarily focused on utility assets. Soon after, Development Services began utilizing GIS to map Zoning, the Comprehensive Plan, Pre-Zone, and Annexation Areas.  Now, GIS is used in virtually every City department and in a variety of different ways. For example, GIS data is used with the 911/Public Safety System, in dispatch, records, law enforcement vehicles and for analysis.  GIS data and analysis was instrumental to help determine IRRP project candidate locations based on the condition of streets, wastewater and water utilities. GIS is also used to automate the notification process. Prior to GIS, citizen notifications took several days - now, it takes a matter of minutes for staff to produce mailers. GIS helps make your City a safer place to live and your City government work more efficiently and effectively. Next time you visit the City, you may even notice a GIS application being used to help answer your question.