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Statement of Mission, Vision & Values

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Mission Statement

We provide municipal services and programs essential to a desirable community in which to live, work and play.


Walla Walla... the best of the best of the Northwest.


Customer Focus/Service
We meet or exceed external and internal customer expectations; enter the customer's world through listening and understanding; nurture relationships by recognizing and delivering on customer needs and opinions in a courteous and helpful manner.

We show a determined commitment to our work because what we do is important to our customers, one another and ourselves; focus on achieving results that successfully meet the City's business objectives and community expectations; and use innovation to improve current working practices, programs, services, and productivity.

We embody planning and management of resources and work to operate a sustainable city, economically, socially and environmentally.

We are engaged and communicate openly and honestly in a clear and well thought out manner; seek and offer constructive feedback; carefully listen and consider what others have to say; and listen openly to differing viewpoints.

We highly value the City's "brand"; demonstrate a strong work ethic and are committed to seeing tasks through to completion; take responsibility to ensure successful results meet or exceed expectations; empower our workforce; and exemplify teamwork and collaboration.

We take ownership and responsibility for delivering on our promises, for how we spend the City's money, and for adhering to moral values and principles; are transparent and accountable to the community and to each other; produce outstanding results both professional and personally through fact based decision making and effective yet flexible management of business processes.

(Adopted June 13, 2012)>