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Business Watch

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The Walla Walla Police Department recognizes that Business is the life blood of our community and a critically important contributor to the quality of life in Walla Walla. Our staff stands ready to assist businesses so that they do not fall victim to common crimes such as burglary, robbery, shoplifting, internal theft, and vandalism, all of which take a bite out of their profit margin. All of these cost not only the business but the community as a whole.

Our staff offers a variety of educational training to Businesses:

  • Check and Credit Card Fraud Prevention
  • Commercial Burglary
  • Crime Prevention for Retail Management and their Employees
  • Personal Safety
  • Robbery Prevention
  • Security for Bank Employees
  • Shoplifting Prevention

Burglaries (Property crime)

Residential burglaries are higher than commercial burglaries, and small businesses are targets in over half of the commercial burglaries committed.

Robberies (Crime against persons)

Robberies usually take less than two minutes. Once a robbery begins, your main objective is to end it as quickly and safely as possible.

Shoplifting (Crime against Owners and Companies)

Shoplifting is committed by many types of individuals including juvenile offenders, impulse shoplifters, vagrants, kleptomaniacs and professional thieves.

Internal Theft

Internal Theft may account for 30% of business failures.


Vandalism, including graffiti, arson and other forms of defacement are crimes against the community.