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Block Watch

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block watch logoAn active Block Watch in a neighborhood works to prevent crime. The law enforcement officers cannot see and prevent all crime. Block Watches are beneficial when neighborhoods form partnerships with law enforcement. Neighborhoods become an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement! This partnership can and will prevent crime!

BLOCK WATCH is simply a program of neighbors watching other neighbor's property. You and your neighbors can prevent crime within your community and make it a safer, more secure place to live. Neighbors can be your best protection when you band together to look out for each other's interests.

A neighborhood Block Watch consists of a Block Watch Captain and/or representative. Their duties include:

  • Arranging a block meeting or party to be held once a year to reacquaint everyone on current activities in the neighborhood. The Block Watch educators can arrange to have an officer stop in at your gathering to answer questions.
  • Verifying that current names, house numbers, and phone numbers are shown on the block map.
  • Informing new neighbors about your Block Watch and ask them if they would like to be included.
  • Giving all new members the "Crime Prevention" book, Block Watch stickers, and a map.
  • Updating the block map and keeping a copy on file at the Crime Prevention Office.

The Walla Walla Police Department has sponsored a Block Watch program which is designed to reduce crime and the fear of crime, through educating our residents about crime prevention in neighborhoods and at home. One of the main focuses of Block Watch is residential burglary; however we also work to resolve all criminal activity problems in neighborhoods, including: vandalism, gangs, graffiti, drug trafficking, traffic problems, and code enforcement problems. We assist neighborhoods to help organize and work together to reduce the risks of being victimized by crime. We also provide training about personal safety, and work hand in hand with citizens to help rid neighborhoods of drug houses.

The Crime Prevention Office handles hundreds of calls and questions from citizens needing help with other kinds of problems that relate to quality of life and policing of neighborhoods. We work with you to get the questions answered and the referrals made to the appropriate government department, social service agency or other organization.

If You See Something Suspicious

  • Write down the description of any suspicious persons.
  • Get the make, model, color and license numbers of strange vehicles.
  • Call the police and other members of your Block Watch group immediately. Don't assume someone else has called...CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY! is a private, secure social network offering a free and easy way for you and your neighbors to connect. Share information about criminal activity as well as advice about goods and services. Bring a sense of community to your neighborhood. When neighbors start talking, good things happen.