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Diving Board Rules

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  1. Youth may be asked to pass a swim test before being allowed to dive.
  2. No running dives.
  3. One person at a time allowed on the diving board, you must wait at the bottom of the ladder until person has cleared the diving area.
  4. No cartwheels, handstands, or hanging off the diving board.
  5. No jumping off the sides of the board.
  6. Divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and leave the diving area.
  7. No swimming or playing in diving area when diving boards are being used.
  8. Only one bounce on the board is allowed before diving (unless you are in a diving class with your instructor).
  9. Wait until the previous diver has cleared the landing area before you dive
  10. The Pool Manager may restrict certain dives based on safety concerns.
  11. All types of electronic devices, eye wear or eye protection are prohibited.