Internship Opportunities

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2020 Internship Opportunities

Internships that have been confirmed include links to more-extensive descriptions and application instructions. The rest of the internships listed are currently in the planning process. We will update these with description/application links as they are confirmed.

For more information about upcoming internship opportunities, please contact the Human Resources Department:
15 N. 3rd Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Development Services Department

Development Services (Planning) Intern: The Development Services intern will update the municipal code, and may also tackle a public-engagement program, among other duties.

Parks & Recreation Department

Irrigation Technician Intern: Assists in the design, repair, maintenance, and improvement of City irrigation systems; evaluates flow rates, velocities, valve wiring, pipe sizing, and related requirements for new and existing systems.

Recreation Intern: Assists in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, and promoting recreation and aquatic programs; assisting with grant applications; and organizing meetings to solicit community feedback.

Turf Maintenance Intern: Performs a variety of grounds-maintenance work for the beautification of City parks and cemetery locations.

Public Works Department

Recycling Intern: The recycling intern will perform outreach and education about recycling; collect data; collaborate on projects; create multimedia content; and provide analysis for long-range planning activities.

Water Treatment Plant Intern: Best suited for students in Water/Wastewater education. Assists in the repair, replacement, and service to irrigation systems, equipment, and facilities; assists in cleaning reservoirs and tanks; assists in the operation and maintenance of the City's Hydro Generation Plant, well sites, aquifer storage, and the SCADA system.

Support Services Department

Communications Intern: This internship will be customized to the intern's interests and skill-development objectives. Duties may include social-media monitoring, email and print newsletter creation, press releases, graphic design, writing and editing, videography, photography, event planning and facilitating, and planning of public-education campaigns.

Community Development Block Grant Intern: The CDBG Program receives funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on an annual basis, to serve housing and non-housing community development needs of low- to moderate-income residents of Walla Walla. The intern will assist with current projects, and has opportunities to work on long-range planning activities.

Financial Study Research Intern: This intern will learn how the City of Walla Walla uses economic and demographic data to create and implement a new utility fee.

Micro-Business Assistance Program Intern: The Micro-Business Assistance Program program assists low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs in starting or expanding a business. The intern's responsibilities include communicating with interested program participants, managing program files and budget spreadsheets, finding creative ways to market the program to a broader audience, assisting the City's CDBG Coordinator in organizing the next program cohort, and more.

Technology Services Department

GIS Intern: The Geographic Information Systems intern may perform GIS work, asset inventories, data collection, digitizing, documenting processes, and data analysis. Examples of past GIS projects include: water meter GPS collection, urban tree GPS collection and inventory, sidewalk and ramp digitizing and data collection, impervious surface digitizing, and utility property inventory.