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  • Auto Pay

    • How do I sign up?

    • How does autopay work?

    • I am a renter, can I still sign up for the autopay program?

    • If I move, do I need to sign up for the autopay program at my new address?

    • Once I am enrolled in autopay, how do I get out of the program?

    • What if I don’t have enough money in my account to pay the entire bill?

  • Billing & Collection

    • How do I set up a new utility account?

    • I don’t have the money to pay, but I really need water. What happens if I just turn the water meter back on myself?

    • I saw the delinquent notice message on my bill, but I don’t have money right now. What are my options?

    • If I put my payment in the drop box Tuesday night or if I pay Wednesday morning will my services be disconnected?

    • If my bill becomes delinquent, what happens?

    • If my utility service is stopped, how and when can I get it started again?

    • When is my utility bill due?

    • Will my utility services be turned off if I don’t pay the same day I receive the final notice?

  • Rental Property Owners

    • Can I pay the water bill, but have the tenant billed for the sanitation service?

    • How do I arrange to have the monthly utility bill sent to the tenant?

    • If the bill is sent to the tenant, how will I know if the tenant is paying on time?

    • Municipal code requires all utility accounts are to be held in the property owner’s name. Does that mean I have to pay the utility bill for my rental property each month?

    • What if I have a management company taking care of my properties?

    • What if my tenant wants to request an extension to pay his/her utility bill?

    • When my tenant moves out, who notifies Customer Service?