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2017 Citizen Survey Results

2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Summary

2017 Citizen Survey ACSI Scores (Excel spreadsheet)

2017 Benchmark Comparisons (Excel spreadsheet)

The City of Walla Walla has received results from the 2017 citizen satisfaction survey. Survey responses help officials shape policies and priorities for the City. The City’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score rose from 63 to 66. ACSI scores for similar-sized communities in Washington were 61. In the West, ACSI scores averaged 62, and in the U.S., they averaged 63. The ACSI is a well-respected standard of customer satisfaction metrics for both government and the private sector.

According to the survey, the majority of citizens indicated that:

  • The City is doing enough or too much to address homelessness (34% said just enough, 28% said too much, 19% said too little, and 18% don’t know).
  • Utilities, shopping, local government management, and transportation are significant concerns for them.
  • Improvements can be made in snow removal, roads, shopping, and downtown parking.
  • They are interested in increasing utility taxes or property taxes to fund repairs to streets and sidewalks.

In 2017, the City’s scores improved in many areas and meet or exceed regional and national benchmarks in many categories. In comparing the City’s 2016 scores with its 2017 scores:

  • Satisfaction scores increased in nearly every category
  • All customer service scores increased
  • Local government management rose 5 points
  • Community events rose 2
  • Economic health rose 3
  • Parks and Recreation rose 3
  • Enjoyable place for young adults decreased
  • Safe place to live increased

In the 2016 survey, the City added a question dealing with glass recycling. Responses indicated that 58 percent would be willing to pay $1 per month for glass recycling. In 2017, the majority are still willing to pay $1 a month for glass recycling.

The survey was conducted by Cobalt Community Research, a 501c3 organization that provides research and education for schools, local governments, and nonprofit organizations. A random sample of 1,500 residents was drawn from utility billing records. The survey was conducted using two mailings in November and December 2017, which was the same timeframe as the 2016 survey. Cobalt received valid responses from 472 residents, providing an exceptional response rate of 31 percent and a conventional margin of error of +/- 4.5 percent in the raw data.

Cobalt Community Research conducted the survey as part of a non-profit program called the Cobalt Citizen Engagement and Priority Assessment. The program gives local governments solid, citizen-based data to support resource decisions, to improve services, to measure progress, and to build public trust. The ACSI measures over two-thirds of the United States economy and produces scores for more than 100 federal government agencies.

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