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Tietan Street, including mini-roundabout, is now open for legal travel

Post Date:08/27/2019 4:15 PM

As the Tietan & Sunset IRRP is nearly complete, the roadways affected by the project have reopened for legal travel. This includes the new mini-roundabout at the intersection of Tietan Street and Third Avenue.

As drivers become familiar with navigating the mini-roundabout, the City requests that people drive slowly and be patient. Remember that traffic flows counter-clockwise, so watch for vehicles approaching to your left.

Do not stop in the mini-roundabout. Turn on your right-turn signal as you prepare to exit. And be sure to watch for pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the roadway.

Additional guidelines for safe travel in the mini-roundabout are available here. For people whose learning style is more visual, a video tutorial on mini-roundabouts is available on YouTube.

For information on the City's ongoing road construction projects, please visit

Mini-roundabout 190827